Yunnan Black Tea CF02

When we talk about Yunnan black tea, we know it is Dianhong tea, is a type of relatively high end gourment Chinese black tea sometimes used in various tea blends and grown in the mist covered mountains of Yunnan Province, China.   

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The main difference between Dianhong and other Chinese Black tea is the amount of fine leaf buds, or “golden tips”, present in the dried tea. Like a complex wine, it is the perfect tea for food, marrying well with a wide variety of dishes. It has a distant and hard to place floral quality, yet it leaves the mouth tasting as clean as spring water. And it energizes the body and mind more harmoniously than the best of coffees. We are proud to bring you this high grade leaf.


Chinse Black Tea is oxidized("fermented"). Oxidation give black teaits own unique characteristics in everyting from aroma and taste, to health promoting benefits. The health benefits of black tea have been well documented for quite some time, and if you are thinking of adding more black tea to your diet, then its health benefits  likely have played a big part in your decision. Black tea is a lot more flavorful and caffeine-laden than the less oxidized teas 

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