Keemum Black Tea CF01

The appearance of Keemum black tea is slender and elegant. It is sometimes called the “queen of fragrance” and the “one of the best three high aroma teas in the world”. This famed royal marriage is apparent with each and every smooth, silky sip . 

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Keemum black tea is produced in Keemum county, Anhui province, it is one of the four famous black tea in the world, while Keemum fragrant black tea is one of the best of it. Keemum Fragrant Black tea only use spring tea leaves as material, in the form of one bud and two leaves. Making process of this tea will take 8 – 9 hours, including lightly sun withering, rolling, fermentation, drying, and manual kneading. The dry leaves are tight and thin. The reddish brown tea liquor is tasted heavy and brisk. The lasting strong aroma resembling both aroma of fruit and that of rose is the distinctive flavor for Keemun black tea, that is hence named "keemun flavor".

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