Blossoming Tea

Hand-crafted with finest whole leaves with natrual herbal flowers Featuring with elegant apperance,splendid infusion view Delighting with a unique sweet scent an falvor A sumptuous spectacle for your taste buds and eyeballs The warmth, calmness and beauty Reawaken the eyes, mind, and soul Amazing,exciting and inspiring the desires

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Cafaytea Artisan green tea is made of pure spring Chinese green tea and natural herbal flowers. It is kind of newly-innovated special green tea featuring unique appearance, splendid infusion view. This special tea blooms into a unique, beautiful sight view after it brewing in the water.

Not only a beautiful show for eyes, it also release the delicate aromas of the flowers,buds,and tea for the nose, and the liquor is subtle and soothing to drink.

You will also be able to experience this tea’s elegance, fragrance and fun when you enjoy it. This exquisite blooming tea with health benefit really deserves you to have a try. We have developed more than 60 kinds of artisan blooming tea products available for choices, and we also accept the OEM order with your idea on the flowers inside the tea ball and tea ball shapes.

Brewing Guidance:

1. Take one piece of blooming tea ball and put into glass teapot.

2. Pour boiling wate into teapot, bring to half volume.

3. Pour away the first water ten pour boiled water again.

4. Sit back and watch the blooming tea swirl around the pot.

5. The tea ball will begin to open after a place to settle finally.

6. Allowed 3-5 minutes soaking time, the flowers and tea leaves will relax completely.

7. Enjoy a fantastic taste and visual experience.

8. Each tea ball could be steeped at least 3 times.



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