How to preserve tea in the right way


If tea consumers can not keep the tea in the right way , it will highly reduce tea’s standard, makes the news tea turn to be old tea, both economic value or practical value, will be discounted huge. The tea which were not kept well will be changed a lot from the color, smell, taste and the appearance, this is the lost should be afforded by the tea consumer. Comparatively, the tea storage condition is more sufficient at home, just need a few more attention, it can avoid the lost from the improper preservation.


1.       The factors of making teas to be deteriorated

The deteriorated teas not only will be changed from the appearance and taste, the more influence is the lost of the nutrition elements from tea itself.


l  Teas is with a certain amount of chlorophyll, if it is in the unsealed, light, and high temperature environment, tea will get photosynthesis, the color will changed from green to brown. The new green tea will be pine just like the dried & dead tree, the difference from the appearance also cause the lost of the taste and smell.

l   The smell and taste of tea soup is related to chlorophyll closely. If the teas is not unsealed , it is extremely oxidized, makes the tea taste changed highly, lost the origin both tea soup and taste.

l  Unfermented tea is with more vitamin C, when tea is touched by the light, air, after the oxidation, plenty of vitamin C will lose. When the vitamin C lose , tea quality will be totally changed, the origin colour and taste will not exist any more.

l  Tea contains a few kinds of Amino acid, under the high temperature, moisture environment, Amino acid will get a series of chemical reaction. The longer the tea kept in the unsuitable environment, the more Amino acid will lose, makes the tea lost its own nutrition value.

l  Under the unsealed packages, it is very easy to lost its flavor, the same time, it will also absorb other flavor around ,makes tea totally lost its origin flavor, affect the enjoy from the tasting.


Tea preservation condition

l  Temperature. The higher the temperature is , the faster the tea goes to bad.

l  Moisture. Tea can absorb moisture very quickly, compare to the dry place, it is more better to storage teas.

l  Oxygen. Except from the tea need the normal temperature to oxidized like pu-erh tea, other teas is easy to be bad because of the oxidation. Generally, it is better to be sealed.

l  Light. All the teas should avoid the light. But the puerh tea can be special, it is only required avoiding the sun-light.


Preserve tea at home:

Tile altar

It is very suitable for puerh tea, if use for black tea, it is best to seal the cover. The tile altar with puerh tea should in the cool place

Tin, also named tea tin or cookie tin. The tin is better to have double tin cover, away from moisture and air. The only point need to pay attention is if this tin was used for cake or cookie, it must be cleaned clearly , make sure there is no smell and oil. Keep tin clean without rust, avoid light. Except from the puerh tea which need some air, other tea types all suitable for this tin storage

Plastic or Foil Tea Bag

It is better to be high quality and sealed. And do not store other food or different tea types to avoid the flavor mixed. Avoid light. It suitable for high grade green tea, oolong tea, it will be helpful to store in refrigerator or freezer.

Zhisha Tea Can

Because it can not be sealed and the tea is easy to touch the air, it is better to use for puerh tea

Tin, Air tight, suitable for the teas which need to be preserved under the normal temperature.

Porcelain Tea Can

The characteristic is same with Zhisha tea can, avoid light, not airtight, suitable for puer tea.

Different tea in different storage way

l  Green tea, Normal green tea could be kept in the tea tin in cool without sun-light place, but please sealed it well. High grade green tea is suggestted to put in refrigerator, keep refrigerator clean, it is better to have a separate place to save the teas. The tea from this year is better to used up , because the taste of the spring tea will be changed when Autumn even though it is preserved in refrigerator.

l  Black tea, black tea can be kept in sealed plastic &foil bag or tea tins, avoid the sunlight, put in dry and cool place.

l  Oolong tea. Normal oolong tea could be kept in sealed plastic&foil bag or tea tins, sealed well, avoid sunlight, put in dry and cool place. Higher grade oolong tea is better to be sealed and put in refrigerator. There is two season for Oolong tea, one is Spring, another is Autumn. If the oolong tea from these two season both are your type, you do not need to purchase a lot once. You can buy the new when used up.

l  White tea and Yellow tea. The nutrition value of white tea is high , preservation way is same with green tea, better to be sealed and kept in refrigerator.

l  Puerh tea. Normal temperature, avoid sunlight, no airtight is suitable for preserving puerh tea. High moisture is easy to become mildewed, if too dry, it will lose the water, affect the taste. Normally, in the north part of China, it can be kept in the normal temperature ,or in the dry season, put one bowl of water beside the puerh tea, but please do not pour the water to the puerh tea.

         Flower tea. Normal temperature, avoid sunlight is the condition of preserving flower tea. Sealing the package is very important, for the flavor of the flower tea is extremely easy to mix up with other flavor. Sealed plastic&foil bag , tins are all suitable for flower teas.