White tea is the least processed and most
delicate of all teas, it has not always been widely available. These leaves are
not only plucked once a year in the spring. This is what makes white tea one of
the freshest of teas. It is important to make sure that all its qualities
survive and the brewing process. Let us get the job-brewing white tea done


Tea brewing accessories will be needed

. Fresh filleted water

. A container for heating (Tea kettle)

.Utensils to measure the leaf tea

. Something to allow the leaves to expand
in while brewing (tea strainer or ball)

. Teapot to brew the leaves in, it will be
best to choose glass teapot for seeing through the elegant style white tea when

.Delicate tea cups, surely recommend glass
tea cups to get one set with glass teapot.



We have everything we need, now let us brew
white tea


The first step you will take is to start
heating the filtered water in a kettle or pot.

Heat the water to the boiling point, then
let it cool. Never steep white tea in boiling water. 175-185 degrees
Fahrenheit, or 80-85 degrees Celsius, is considered the optimal temperature for
brewing white tea. Some will advise you to use water at 200 degree Fahrenheit,
or 95 degree Celsius, but that would be too hot. Many antioxidants are
destroyed at temperatures that close to the boiling point, and the tea becomes
astringent and loses some of its best qualities as the leaves are cooked.


Amount of tea


The loose leaf white tea will need to be
measured correctly. More of the white tea leaves are needed to have a flavorful
cup. Let us use the example of a Chinese white tea called silver needle white
tea. At elegant style white tea, we usually recommend using one teaspoon of
white tea per cup, or one tablespoon for a pot of about one quart, or one



Place the measured leaf tea into a tea
infuser or be ready to allow it to steep in the tea pot itself. Depending on
the quality of the tea, it should be steeped for under one minute, or slightly
more. Silver needle quality tea should not be steeped for more than 30-40
seconds for the first steeping. Calculate steeping time depending on how you
like your tea to taste. The longer you steep, the stronger the taste and the
more pronounced the golden color.


One serving of white tea can be brewed
several times, for about one minute longer each time. Each steeping will reveal
another interesting layer of flavor.


loose leaf teas are brewed the same way with the exception of the timing and
water temperature.