There are thousands of beverages, tea is more and more popular nowadays. So drinking tea just like our ability, if we could find the fun or acquire a habit from it, that is one of lifestyle. In the tea world, there are not many ties and reasons, we only need to make drinking tea as a natural thing.

When talk about tea, some friends always carefully say they do not know tea, they just drink as one pleases. No matter this careful attitude is modest or not, actually for many people it is not so important to know the teas or not. If you drink one tea and feel good then continue, that is all.

However, tea as beverage, the final contribution is to be drunk. Whether rich or poor, great or plain, drinking tea should be an relax, enjoyed and healthy thing. Forget about the magic puerh tea, when market is eager for profit, we hope all the tea lover could have a healthy and simple attitude to drink tea, and be healthy and happy from it.  

It is often said tea could make peaceful, as it will require us to put aside the status, glory, benefits. Tea is too light to hold them, only when peace could listen and feel what the tea brings to us.