A cup of black tea with aromatic flavor, fresh and sweet taste, bring people warmness in the cold winter. Beside this, black tea is reported it could nourish the stomach , this is another reason why black tea is the best choice in winter. But how to choose the suitable one for our taste from the many varieties. Let us know more about the different characteristic and taste from different types. 

There are more origins and varieties of China black teas, normally classified into : Gongfu black tea, Xiaozhong black tea and dust black tea. Black tea is 100% fermented tea, during the processing, tea polyphenol is oxidized into theaflavin and thearubigins. Most carbohydrate substance hydrolyzed into soluble sugar, that is lead into the special fragrance and taste of black tea. 

Compared with other types of tea, black tea has better function to protect from the heart and blood vessel disease. Upon the Chinese medical, black tea is warm, which could nourish the stomach as above mentioned, it is very suitable for the weak and the old. 
1.Xiaozhong (Souchong) Black Tea : Sweetest among black teaSoup colour: Dark red soup color, durable infusionTaste: Rich and full Flavor: longan,smoky, honey date Smell: Strong aromatic fragrance The new to black tea may think Xiaozhong taste best and it is the best choice to start. About the price, cheap one is with strong flavor and non-pure taste but sweet, expensive one is with rich, full, soft and smooth taste. For the new friends, maybe they prefer the sweet taste from the cheap ones at the beginning. 

2.Dianhong Black Tea:  Famous for its strong and rich flavor Dianhong black tea is not so sweet as Xiaozhong has, but it is more strong and rich on taste and flavor. Some friends love this taste and would not accept other black teas any more. It is a little pity, but also it is a good thing they find their taste.  

3.Keemum Black Tea: Classical FlavorWe may be easy to be fond of Xiaozhong black tea and Dianhong black tea, but maybe not for Keemum black tea as it does not have the sweetest taste and strongest flavor, it seems too plain. For the sake of tasting its special characteristic, here we would like to suggest new friend to start with other black teas. 

It is required to put the cup of Keemum black tea closed to nose for smelling its aromatic fragrance, which is different to other teas could be smelled in a long distance. For this, you may think Keemum black tea still has lighter smell then other teas when close to the nose, actually it is not , you will find when you concentrate on smelling other black tea , the aroma is gone or hard to kept, and the aromatic fragrance of Keemum black tea is very clear. As we know, Dianhong black tea is famous for its strong and rich flavor, when taste it together with Keemum black tea, you may forgot the flavor of the Dianhong black tea . 

As the pure taste and intensive flavor. Keemum black tea is recommended to be used for making milk tea.