Chinese Tea Culture- Tea’s importance for Chinese People

       Tea is Chinese quintessence

Since the ancient time, drinking tea is Chinese habit, our forefathers sum up Ten virtues of drinking tea: enhances mood, remedies insomnia, improves metal outlook, strengthen immune system, refines one character(Ex., the practice of tea ceremony),refines one character (Ex., through the practice of tea ceremony) , demonstrates respect(I,e.,when offered to one’s guest), improved health of body, alters bad habits, enhance passion for life, delights tea lovers with its sheer variety of flavors.

China is the origin of tea tree, even though there is report about discovering origin natural tea tree in other countries, but China made an important contribution to the tea industry is internationally recognized. China found the tea in the earliest and explore it, develop it into the unique and brilliant tea culture, and distribute tea culture to the world, this is why China see tea is as a quintessence.

 Tea is the grease of personal connection

People can built a good relationship by drinking tea, for it can close the gap, makes the communication and talking more harmonious. Tea is the grease of personal connection not found in the other activities. It is saying: make acquaintance by tea.

 “King tea storm” was popularized to be interpersonal communication activities by Song Dynasty. It has the character of the competition, but it is a kind of soul communication, there is more than the competition. The words by poet Fanchengda:  Would rather boil a pot of tea by spring water than prepare the nice food. Tea competition in Dynasty , measuring the color of the tea soup, also see how much the foam and how long it stay in the wall of cup, the result is depended on the time of the foam fade and see the water, the longer the foam kept , the bigger chance to win. It is noble style, win or fail, but not fight. So this activity should only deepen people’s emotion, not disputes.

 All the entertainment supported by tea culture can be active in personal connection. Tea culture activities advocate harmonious, which is the base atmosphere for bringing good interpersonal relationship. Because of the difference of the Economic condition and social status, unavoidably, the generation of contradictions and conflicts between people. When there is no efficient benefits coordination mechanism, it is a good coordination and combination. Tea culture preaches “peace is most precious & harmony without uniformity”, advocated respect and be kind each other.