Longjing Green Tea C

Longjing Tea sometimes called by its literally translates name dragon well tea, is a variety of pan-roasted   green tea [1]   from   Hangzhou , Zhejiang   Province,China.   where it is produced mostly by hand and has been renowned for its high quality.

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Longjing Tea(Dragon well tea) is famous for it unique green color, fragrant aroma, sweet taste and flat appearance, and it is usually regarded as a health elixir, which is quite popular throught China.

Like most other Chinese green tea, Longjing tea leaves are roasted [2] early in processing (after picking) to stop the natural oxidation ("fermentation"[3]) process, which is a part of creating black and oolong teas. The actions of these enzymes is stopped by "firing" (heating in pans) or by steaming the leaves before they completely dry out. As is the case with other green teas (and white teas), Longjing tea leaves are therefore "unfermented." When steeped, the tea produces a yellow-green color. The tea contains vitamin C, amino acids, and, like most finer Chinese green teas, has one of the highest concentrations of catechins among teas.


Recommend Brewing Guide:

Western Method

Chinese Gongfu Way

Teapot: 17oz / 500ml

Gaiwan: 3oz / 85ml

185℉ / 85℃

176℉ / 80℃

Use 3 Tablespoons / 8 Grams Tea

Use 5 Grams Tea

1 - 6 mins

4 steeps : rinse,20s,35s,70s,120s

Teapot may be your choice

Gaiwan may be your choice
Rinsing time is around 5 seconds
Uncover when brewing can have better flavor

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