Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is honored as the most fragrant and popular scented Chinese tea in the world. This tea is light, delicate, slightly sweet and every cup comes with a distinctive fresh jasmine fragrance. The strong flowery aroma of this tea is very soothing.

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Jasmine tea production:

1. Tea Base
Jasmine tea is made from tea leaves scented with jasmine flower, for the tea leaves to absorb the aroma of flowers. In most case, jasmine tea are used green tea leaves as the tea base, for they are best able to absorb the jasmine aroma. 

2. Scenting— the procedure of absorbing flower aroma

Beside the tea base, scenting is the most procedure. Jasmine flowers are harvested during the day and stored in a cool place until night. During the night, the flowers bloom with full fragrance. The flowers are layered over the tea leaves during the scenting process. Each morning, the spent flowers are removed and fresh blossoms readied for the evening. This process is repeated a number of times, depending on the grade of tea. For top jasmine grades, the nightly infusion continue for twelve consecutive nights. But It is required at least 3 repeated time tea leaves to absorb the fragrance. As long as processing is in the right way, for sure it will be with rich floral scents which many people find quite enjoyable.




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