Phoenix Danchong

Phoenix Tea belongs to Oolong Tea.It is produced from Feng Huang Mountain (Phoenix Mountain), Chao Zhou City, Guang Dong Province of China. Phoenix Mountain is one of the famous Chinese tea area. The tea has a high aroma with a different taste between the first sip and aftertaste. Along with the fragrance of sweet potato, an aroma of litchi will also be felt from the liquid.

More details

Royal Fenghuang Dancong (Dragon Phoenix) is an exclusive tea. The dark brown, almost black leaves turn a deep green when seeped, exhibiting the 'craftsmanship' that goes into the production of this tea. The aroma of the brewed tea is amazingly fragrant. Royal Fenghuang Dancong is an essential addition for the tea taster collection. This tea was cultivated to be brewed using less than 5 oz. of water per 3-4 grams of leaves. The leaves can be brewed three times with good taste. You can even go for a fourth brew if you brew gongfu style.

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